Swift by name, swift by nature: Taylor’s love troubles

Taylor Swift may have looked picture perfect in her regal-looking, backless purple dress at the recent Golden Globes, but she might have been seeing red by the time the festivities came to a close!
Not only did the 23-year-old songstress lose out on the award for ‘Best Original Theme Song’ to Adele, but she also found herself the cause of some considerable mirth when host Tina Fey jokingly warned Taylor to stay away from Michael J Fox’s young son, because she “needed some me time” after her split from One Direction’s Harry Styles.
Fey’s words seem to echo public sentiment, with Jack Osbourne’s wife Lisa Stelly being one of the many who expressed amazement at the rapid turnover of Swift’s boyfriends.
“Either Taylor Swift is batsh*t crazy and causes every guy to dump her, or she has too high standards for these poor guys! Droppin’ like flies”, Lisa tweeted after hearing the news about Harry.
Not only this, but it seems that Taylor’s serial dating (recent beaus include Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Conor Kennedy) could be causing a backlash among certain sections of her fan base as well.
HollywoodLife.com’s Katrina Mitzeliotis commented that: “A lot of the peripheral fans who have come to Taylor in the last few months, I think they’re just thinking twice about it because they’re attracted to her because of her music, and they don’t want the drama that goes along with her music.” She also added that the star should try and focus on other areas of her life.
Will Taylor take heed of these warnings? It appears that the answer may be yes, after being quoted as saying: “Being in love is the most wonderful thing that can happen to you, though you don’t want to be monkey-barring from one relationship to the next.”
Hopefully, after a bit of me-time, America may very well get its sweetheart back.


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