Ad Review: Madonna for D&G

By Chevaun Jackson
There is no denying the icon that Madonna is, so it is no wonder why she is the new face of Dolce and Gabana. However, I am not sure their new ad campaign with the ever transforming Madonna is one that deserves envy. It seems as though she’s reversing instead of moving forward. She is plastered up like a blonde diva among dark haired, native looking Italians. She seems out of place in an odd way. The clothes are stunning, as only can be expected from D&G (one of my favorite lines I admit) and she wears
them well. But as a woman of Kabbalah, a woman who has humbled herself so much that she adopted the name Esther, it seems a bit backtracking that she comes off so diva-ish. Especially in the first ad of their campaign where she stands with and arm out behind her beckoning, a bit more like demanding, that the elderly woman in the picture, who is in a small living room, fix a stitch on her chic black jacket. The ad photo that seems the most realistic and is the best done has Madonna and a fine young Italian man seemingly on a date or at a family dinner where they are laughing. Everyone is dressed fancily—her in a lace dress with a sheer cover, the men in suits, the other woman in the photo in a black dress.

The clothes are great, as is to be expected. Her first look, a black blazer jacket and lace pants are stunning in lengthening Madonna and making her appear thin and long. Not a huge fan of polka dots, the sheer polka dot dress is a nice form fitting number for those bold enough to ear it. Animal prints clash as D&G present a leopard print top with a snake skin skirt and black cardigan. What stands out in this ensemble, are the four inch black shoes.

It would seem that Dolce and Gabana’s push for this season is simplicity. From the way the photos are taken—simple in their black and white composition—to the clothes themselves which are not loud and gaudy but chic, casual and intriguing with their use of lace, layers and print.

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