Product Launch: Metallic Succulent Pots

A copper, metallic succulent pot from our new line

A copper, metallic succulent pot from our new line

Today, I have some exciting news about a project we’ve been working on at BellaVitaStyle that I can’t wait to share with you all! We just launched our first homewear item: Gold and Copper Succulent Pots!

Ever since coming back from a trip to Palm Springs and Moorten’s Cactus museum, I’ve had an insatiable affinity for succulents. I remember buying a few adorable succulents from Moorten’s as a memento to remember my trip by only to come home and be distinctly underwhelmed by the selection of pots to display my new succulents in.

I searched far and wide for a chic pot that fit into my home’s aesthetic. I was explicitly looking for metallic gold and copper pots to add nice accents to my windowsill and to go alongside my copper kitchenware and gold frames. Finally sick of looking for the perfect pots, I mention my travails to my boyfriend, and his very matter of fact response was “Let’s just make them ourselves.” Cue the launch of our gold and copper succulent pots that are equal parts chic and on trend and fully functional.

Our metallic, gold succulent pot, now available for order

Our metallic, gold succulent pot, now available for order

We have two styles to choose from, both available on Amazon: metallic gold and metallic copper/rose gold (which is pictured at the top of the post). I have them around my apartment in a mix and match set up, which really elevates the look of the space. One of the biggest trends in decor over the last few years has been copper and metallics. We saw this with the advent of copper kitchens full of beautiful pots and pans.

Our cold and copper succulent pots, ready for order.

Our pots are a perfect size — 4 inches by 4 inches — and cylindrical in shape. You can choose to put one cactus in it, or put three to four succulents together in an arrangement, like we did in the photos above. They have a great weight to them and are really sturdy. They retail for $22 each.

We know you’re going to love our pots as much as we do. To buy Gold, click here. For Rose gold/Copper, click here.

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