Travel Guide: What to Eat in Beijing

By the time we hit our last leg of the Asia trip, I think we had borderline overdosed on Asian food. All I was craving was a plain salad and Greek yogurt. BUT, there were still two kinds of dishes we needed to cross of our list: hot pot and Peking duck. Here’s our food diary to Beijing:


A feat at Haidilao hotpot in Beijing.

Haidilao Hotpot: The first thing we did after checking into the Four Seasons was head to Haidilao hotpot. This traditional hotpot restaurant came recommended by so many of our friends and it was just delicious. As you can see from the photo above, we definitely over ordered.

This place was just so charming and felt really authentic. We were the only English speakers in the restaurant, so we essentially pointed at things in the menu for our waitress. We picked a mix of beef and pork, tofu and vegetables to boil in the broths and then headed over to the toppings bar for a ton of different sauces, toppings etc.


Whole duck for two at Beijing’s Duck De Chine

Duck De Chine: One of the meals we were most excited for is the one we saved for last: Peking duck. Beijing is known for their peking duck, which is served whole for two, and there are two famous places to order this: Duck De Chine and Dadong. I’ve been told you can’t go wrong with either, so we chose Duck De Chine (Editor’s note: they just opened a second outpost of Dadong walking distance from my apartment in Manhattan, so will get to try both afterall!)

You should know that both places require reservations, and they can be had to get. My advice is to have the concierge at your hotel make a reservation for you. Also have the concierge specify at the time the reservation is made that you will like the whole duck. They reserve a certain number each night for people who ordered in advance and it isn’t something you can just order off of the menu.

Tea for two at the Four Seasons in Beijing

Tea for two at the Four Seasons in Beijing

The Four Seasons: Literally everything we ate at The Four Seasons was amazing. Even down to the fresh brewed teas we’d have after a long day in the cold. we had the buffet lunch here where we ate everything from ramen to lamb and cheese. We also had an early morning breakfast before our day at the Great Wall.

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