Skincare Secrets: Microneedling

Lately, I’ve been poking teeny tiny holes in my face in the name of beauty. And before you think I’ve jumped the shark, hear me out. One of the biggest new trends in skincare and anti-aging is microneedling. While the concept of using a tool to poke holes in my face sounded intimidating to say the least when I first heard about it, the science behind it is pretty compelling, and I’ve seen some pretty great results in a short space of time.

Using my microneedle from Stacked Skincare, three to four times a week following my shower, I stand in front of my mirror and roll this tool all over my face. I start at my forehead and do three to four passes over it in different directions (Left to right, up to down and diagonal). I then move to each cheek and repeat the step and also do my chin, lip area and (gently) go around my eyes. After, I apply a serum and a moisturizer and go to sleep.

Now, to answer the why to all of this. The microneedle contains hundreds of tiny needles that will create really small punctures in the skin. When you puncture the skin, and it should be noted that the holes it creates are not visible to the eye and do not scab, it causes your skin to create collagen and elastin to repair those spots. The production of collagen and elastin is great for filling in wrinkles, plumping the skin and causing repair to scars and other imperfections.

The most common question I got from my girlfriends when I started dermarolling is whether it hurt. The answer is not really. Rolling results in little pricks of the skin, but it is totally bearable and way way less painful than Botox (plus, it’s natural). It’s also super cost effective. The Stacked Skincare microneedle is just $30, and you replace it every TK weeks. I pair it with my existing serums and moisturizers, but they also have their own range you can use.

I also like that it helps me get the most out of my expensive creams and moisturizers. Following a microneedle session, your skin absorbs product better, sending its agents into overdrive.

I’ve noticed some really great results below and around my eyes as a result of microneedling, even though I’ve only done it for about one month. It’s a quick and cost-effective way to take care of my skin and reduce the signs of aging.

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