Winter Warmers: The Best Coat Styles for A/W 2017

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A good winter coat is a fashion essential. Without one, there are going to be days where you will have to stay in because it is too cold. Fortunately, this year is not difficult to find a coat that is perfect for winter. As you will see, there are some really good looking coats available in the shops. The great thing about them is that the majority are also very practical. They really will keep you both warm and dry.

An old school parka

For a several years now, parkas have been available, but only in a few shops. This year that has changed. Practically every retailer is stocking them.

Interestingly, they come in many different styles. Potentially, the whole family can wear them. If you liked wearing the snorkel parka in the 80s, you will be really pleased to know that they are back. Of course, they are not for everyone, but they are really good for walking the dog on a wet and windy day. Once zipped up the elongated hood really does keep the wind and rain out.
If you want something a bit more feminine, opt for a more modern and tailored parka coat. One in a bright colour or with a floral design is ideal. These tend to be cut a bit narrower and the internal pull cord at the waist makes it possible for you to create a more defined waistline.

Trendy biker jackets
Another 80s favourite that is back in vogue is the biker jacket. If you want, you can buy one made from leather, but, this year, many designers have tried using a range of other fabrics. There is denim, embroidered, sequined, even Puffa style biker jackets available. You really are spoilt for choice, so you are bound to find something you like.

Knitted coats

If you are looking something that is a little different a coatigan or knitted coat is a great idea. These full length coats are really warm and comfortable to wear. The stretchy material means you can keep them buttoned or zipped up even when you sit down, so they are great for wearing if you are going on a long drive. Wool shawl coats are another option. They are also lovely and soft.

Classic fitted coats

If you like smart, tailored, coats the Crombie is a really good option. These simply cut, straight, three quarter length coats look nice whether you wear them over jeans or a suit.

Faux fur

There is also a lot of faux fur around this year, most of the time it has been used for decorative effect, for example, around the cuffs or hood. It looks really good and helps to make quite utilitarian coats, look a lot more feminine. There are also plenty of coats and jackets around that are made entirely out of faux fur. They come in a huge range of cuts, textures and designs including leopard skin.

Buying the right size coat

Regardless of the type of coat you choose, it is important to buy the right size. It is surprisingly easy to end up wearing one that is just that bit too tight for you, which can make it uncomfortable to wear and restrict your freedom of movement. Measuring yourself before you go shopping will help you to avoid making this mistake. This article shows you how to do it the right way. Using the advice found there, you will always buy the right size coat regardless of the style you want.

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