I Tried The Sleep Styler & Here’s What Happened

Let me preface this post by saying that I am NOT one to buy items from infomercials. I barely even watch infomercials, but I do watch a lot of CNBC. And, a result of this CNBC bingeing is that when I get home late from work and put my television on, it’s almost always playing rerun episodes of Shark Tank.

Well, one of these re-reuns featured a perfectly put-together mom with great victoria’s Secret angel waves. I was immediately hooked to her story. She was an eye doctor, mom and budding entrepreneur and her business set out to solve one of my biggest pain points of my entire adult life — styling my hair.

Since I’m 15 years old, i’ve worn my hair in VS angel waves. I have long, thick hair that is disgusting when it dries naturally, so this requires blow drying my hair, straightening it and then laboring over it with a curling iron. I’ve literally spent years of my life on my hair and my schedule is such that I just don’t have the bandwidth to go through with that hour-long routine every day anymore.

So, when this woman said that all I would need to do is wash my hair and insert her miracle cloth rollers into it and sleep (without applying any heat to it), I was hooked. I shelled out $40 for the rollers with visions of reclaiming all of my hair time and putting it toward other things — like working out or sleeping in. Also, reducing the heat I apply to my hair would likely allow my hair to grow longer, which is something I’ve wanted for a long time.

I scoured the net after placing my order to watch Youtube videos to see if this really worked. The videos had mixed results. Some women took out their curlers and transformed into Gisele Bundchen. Others took them out to reveal a frizzy mess.

The day that my Sleep Styler arrived, I hopped into the shower afterg the gym and washed my hair. Directions call for letting your hair air dry about 80% before putting the curlers in, so I ate dinner, did some work and an hour and a half later I popped the stylers in. Now, I cheated a little bit. Because my hair is a frizz ball, I quickly blasted my roots with a blow dryer (no more than 2 minutes) just to make sure that the base was straight.

Then, I set about putting the 6 rollers in. It was a little tricky at first to get into a rhythm with getting these in, but once I got into the hang of twisting the rollers away from my face and attaching the velcro, it was pretty much smooth sailing. The only thing I wish is that the set came with two to three more rollers, because my hair is really long and thick and I rather not put too much hair on each one, but alas, it worked.

I did a few more hours of work and went to bed. I should say that the rollers are crazy soft, so sleeping with them was not an issue at all. I woke up around 7am and ran to my mirror for the great unveiling. As I unraveled them, some had really great body waves and some weren’t really curled. The roots of my hair looked great.

So the result was that if I wanted to, I could walk out of my house without doing anything else to my hair (Which is WAY better than if I just let them dry naturally). I was really happy that my hair was not at all in the least bit frizzy and had body to it, but it did not look like VS angel waves of the waves I make with my own curling iron.

As with all new toys, practice makes perfect, so I tried the Sleep Styler three more times, and each time, I’ve had to straighten and then curl my hair with a hot iron to achieve the look I want. As much as I wanted to brand this invention a cure all for our hair needs, I give it a C-.

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