Perfect Party Dresses For Winter 2017

The winter season is great for those of us who like to dress up. Usually, you get invited to at least one Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s party. They are a great chance to spend a little extra and dress in a really glamorous way. Fortunately, there are some fantastic party dresses available in the shops, which are suitable for all shapes and sizes. Some tips:

Shop early
It is best not to wait too long before buying your party dress. The latest you want to leave it is the Black Friday sales. Pretty much everyone goes shopping then, so the best dresses tend to sell out over that weekend. For me, the Black Friday sales are all about getting some nice Christmas gifts for bargain prices rather than buying wardrobe staples. Sometimes you are lucky and pick something nice up, but the clothes that are on offer in these sales tend to be from last season.
The little black dress
As usual, there are plenty of little black dresses on sale. You really cannot go wrong with this style of dress. All cuts are available, all you have to do is to choose the one that suits you the best and use the way you accessorise it to bring your look up to date.

Sumptuous velvet
There are some especially nice velvet LBDs around, this year. This stunning fabric is stiff enough to sculpt your body and skim over any little bumps you are not keen on showing to the world. Velvet is perfect for a special party. It very much falls into the luxury fabric category, so you will blend in perfectly if you wear a dress made from this fabric.
If black is not for you, do not worry, because there are some really lovely wine coloured and light red velvet dresses available. For a slightly less classic look, opt for patterned or crushed velvet instead of the traditional kind.
Something shiny
A lot of fashion designers have opted to use metallic fabrics for their party dresses this year. Silver lamé is the main trend, but there are some quite nice gold ones around too. However, you need to bear in mind that this look is not likely to last long. Every time this fabric has come back into vogue in the past, it has typically only remained popular for a few months. Therefore, you may not want to spend all of your money on a shiny dress. A better approach would to buy a relatively cheap one for the office Christmas party and spend the cash you have left on a LBD, which you can wear early next year.

Embellished dresses
It is nice to see that embellished dresses are still very much on trend. The added weight that the beads and embroidery thread adds means that these dresses tend to hang well. However, you do need to think before you buy one because it may require special care when it is time to wash it. This article explains how to clean an embellished dress properly. As you will see it can be quite time-consuming. So if you are not the kind of person who is prepared to do this you are probably better off going with one of my other party dress suggestions.

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