Finding The Perfect No-Fade Black

Anyone who knows me well will tell you two things. One: I pretty much live wearing all black. Two: I love to work out and that means athleisure is a big part of my wardrobe. So, you can imagine I was extremely excited when I heard about luxury athleisure compant Vayayama, which makes fashion-forward yoga pants and workout clothes and also has a patented technology that prevents their black coloring from fading.
Part of their clothing line is called Kalablak, which is a rich black coloring that they have developed that withstands the test of time, laundering, sweat and other factors that would typically cause your blacks to fade over time. I wear my Kalablak leggings ($145) at least twice a week and they’ve been washed dozens of times and the color still looks brand new.

The range is made of a material called Tencel, which is made from sustainably farmed eucalyptus. (Most yoga pants on the market are made from synthetics). The material is super breathable and wicks sweat, which also prevents it from retaining any smell post-spin class.
I also adore their light-weight cashmere. The shirt pictured above ($150) is a great layering piece or on its own. The fabric is gossamer thin and soft. It’s one of those pieces that is just so luxurious and comforting and versatile.
The range is still pretty small, but has really well-crafted pieces that can take you from a workout class to out with friends. I constantly find myself reaching for their sports bras, which have a great cut and also push-up quality. It’s my favorite bra to wear while cycling.

If you love black as much as I do, then Vyayama is for you. The clothing really lives up to its claims and will easily become a staple in your wardrobe.

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