Fitness Obsessions: Athletic Socks Edition

I know socks sound kind of mundane and are not the sexiest part of your workout wardrobe, but let me make the case to upgrade your sock game. I run 4-5 times a week and until recently had been wearing normal ankle socks. But, I recently upgraded my running shoes (chronicled here) so I decided not to stop there, and look into high quality running socks. Really glad I did. First off, I noticed that when running and during spin class, my feet would sweat and when I’d change my socks were sweaty which is objectively gross. Running socks have wicking and are as absorbent as your other high-tech workout gear. Also, they are way more supportive The fabric is thicker and keeps you from blistering, etc. Here are the two sock brands I’ve been rotating between, with no intention of turning back.
Bombas: These colorful socks are geared toward athletes and are super comfortable and supportive. I love that after even the sweatiest of workouts (hello, 90-minute SoulCyCle!) my feet remain dry and the socks have moisture-wicking. There’s also a feel-good factor — the company donates a pair of socks to the homeless for every pair sold. They average around $12 a pair, which sounds expensive but if you’re active, they’re totally worth it.
Thirty48: Thirty48 makes sports-focused socks across a number of categories. I was lucky enough to try a range of their running socks. They are super cushiony and sweat-proof, plus the fabric is extremely light and soft. I love that the socks are on the thicker side, so they will prevent you from getting blisters in between your toes or on the backs of your ankles, which tend to be problem areas for runners. Also, each sock is made specifically for your right and left foot. Their new super lightweight running socks series was just launched in time for summer and I’ve been wearing them on my jogs along the West Side Highway in NYC heat. Total game changer and I can highly recommend them.

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