Decorating With This Season’s Hottest Trend: Succulents

I don’t think it would be too bold to coin 2017 the year of the succulent. From their presence in high-end boutiques to restaurants and even prints on designer clothing, succulents and cactuses are everywhere this year. I first became obsessed with succulents on a trip out to Palm Springs last year when I noticed how prominently all the places I visited used them in their décor. They really brighten up a room, have serious fashion credit and so many styling opportunities in terms of chic vases and other carriers. It was at that point that I decided to incorporate the trend on the East coast in my Manhattan apartment. It started with a few small cacti from Moorten’s cactus museum in Palm Springs on my ledge. Then, a friend turned me on to, which has been a game changer in terms of succulent décor.
For those unfamiliar with UrbanStems, it is an online flower delivery service with the most gorgeous blooms. You can find everything from your traditional rose bouquet to wedding flowers and… succulents in a dinosaur vase. Yes, you read that correctly. UrbanStems has a set of four different golden planters such as a T-Rex and Triceratops each with their own pretty succulent inside. When I discovered these planters I nearly lost it. They were exactly what my apartment needed and have since become one of the most admired pieces in my apartment and a true conversation starter when I have guests over. My friends have since copied me and bought dinos of their own. They also make a great gift, especially for a housewarming, and are priced at just $45.
For those looking for more traditional succulents, they also have other gorgeous planters, such as the Gibson ($55) which has a variety of succulents of all different textures and colors in a beautiful cement planter with a gold lip. The Huxley is also a great option and is packed with succulents in a wooden box.

Everything about UrbanStems is a luxury experience and seamless. The packaging the items comes in is beautiful and all of the plants arrived undamaged. The pricepoints make them perfect for gifting or for pretty inexpensively getting in on the succulent trend in your own home.

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