Our Newest Obsession: Face Masks

I can’t pinpoint exactly when face masks became a “thing” but for the past year or so, my friends and I have become obsessed with the beauty trend. From Korean sheet masks to hydrating and repair masks and eye patches, my beauty cabinet has become overrun by face masks and it’s one of my favorite go-to beauty pick-me-ups. My girlfriends and I have even reserved one night a month where we bring over facemasks, order in sushi, drink wine and catch up on chic flix. (And maybe this is a sign of our age, but we look forward to this night of rejuvenating more than our fancy dinners and nights out)

Given that we’ve become connoisseurs of sorts, I wanted to share the face masks that I use that are in heavy rotation as part of my beauty routine.

MaskerAide: What initially appealed to me about MaskerAide was the fun and vibrant packaging, which is colorful and has cartoons of girls who look like us indulging in their products. Then I tried their range of sheet masks and hydrating eye gels and am super impressed. Not only are they extremely affordable – their sheet masks are less than $7 – they smell great, leave you hydrated and refreshed. I’ve started taking MaskerAide with me on trips and as strange as this sounds (my gfs were appalled when I told them I do this, but they all have since copied me) I wear a sheet mask during flights because airplanes really dry my skin out. I bring one for the flight there and one for the flight back, which is even worse because I’m usually dehydrated from a weekend of rose, and this seems to do the trick. Their eye ges are also great for brightening and firming up the sensitive under-eye area.
Starskin: What immediately attracted me to cult beauty brand Starskin were their sculpting and plumping face masks, which have the appearance of being a lace mask. Honestly, I’d wear it to a costume party if I could. Their range is expansive, and also addresses concerns such as anti-aging, smoothing, illumination, detoxifying and a whole cast of issues we worry about after a certain age. I love the packaging and the silky feel of the masks and it truly feels like a luxury product. Masks start at $10 and go up to around $28.50.
Decorte Slim & Firm Concentrate: Decorte face masks are a splurge – a set of six masks runs $180 – but they are my go-to before a big event such as a wedding, speaking gig, etc. The masks are two parts – an upper mask and lower mask and I feel automatically rejuvenated after wearing it. It’s my favorite mask during the holiday season when I may have been overserved or had too much processed foods and sugars because I feel like it plumps up my face and gets me back to a presentable form of myself. Also, Kate Moss is their spokesmodel, so that’s good in our book.

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