Upgrading My Workout Wear with Tasc Performance

I decided to majorly upgrade my workout wear at the beginning of the year because of all the time I spend at the gym and at workout classes. Plus, I find I’m either going to classes with my friends or meeting up with them after, so I’ve been more focused on the fashion plus technical aspects of what I’m wearing. So, I recently turned to Tasc Performance’s workout pants, which are made with bamboo. This means the fabric is moisture wicking, soft and breathes. One of my favorite parts — it doesn’t retain the smell of sweat like the fabrics, which is a definite plus.
I’ve been living in their Nola leggings, which are ankle length and have a great fit. They are also very reasonable at $54.
If you’re into more of a cropped look, their Bayou Booty crop leggings are the way to go.

The brand also makes other pieces such as shirts and hoodies and accessories.

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