Latest Fitness Obsession: Foam Rolling

The last few years I’ve taken up running more and more because it’s a quick way for me to torch calories at the gym. While I love running because it quickly works up a sweat and also leaves you sore, I’ve always skipped stretching, foam rolling and other exercises that are suggested for runners because they seemed too low intensity. That is, I ignored all of that until my knee started bothering me and I went to one of Manhattan’s highly-sought after sports doctors to get to the bottom of it.

Luckily, I didn’t tear anything in my knee and the doctor quizzed me on my running style and whether I regularly foam rolled. After telling him I didn’t, he lightly scolded me and walked me through the benefits of foam rolling and then recommended TriggerPoint’s Grid X foam roller, $50. So, after getting a TriggerPoint foam roller, I started using it every single day and I have to say it’s addicting and my legs and knee feel so much better. It was like one of those epiphanies once I started using it and I regretted not using it years earlier (Kind of similar to how I scold myself for not using sunscreen all through my 20s!)

Here’s what I love about TriggerPoint– It has ridges in the foam roller that really work on the knots in my IT band down the side of my legs. I do a bunch of different exercises on the roller for about a total of 5-7 minutes daily, mostly focusing on my legs. Starting at my hip, I slowly roll it down the side of my leg to my knee, stopping every time I hit tension. I let the ridges in the roller sit there for 30 seconds or so to help break up the knots before rolling to the next knot. At first, this was really painful, which shows how overdue I was to use a foam roller and was a testament to the tightness in my legs. Now, it’s become less and less painful and I’m running stronger and better than ever. If you’re a runner, it’s a no brainer to invest in this. It’s also great for other types of cardio. Added bonus: Gwyneth Paltrow says that from rolling helps rid the body of toxins and helps eliminate cellulite!

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