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Shopping For Him: Bathing Suit Edition

As we ring in summer, you’ll probably have plans to hit the beach with your S/O which presents a fashion opportunity. It’s funny to me when I go on vacation and see men in ill-fitting swim trunks down to their knees like it’s the late nineties. So, we’ve rounded up the hottest swim trunk brands in the best cuts to help guide you and your significant other.
Frescobal Carioca is the newest “it” brand of swim shorts on the market. The cut of their swim trunks hit at just the right part of the thigh, and their prints are bold and fun. The Rio De Janeiro-based brand’s prints are inspired by the colorful scenes on the beaches in Ipanema. Their swim trunks run at around $190.
Vilebrequin has been the reigning swim short on the scene for the last five years, and the French-based brand remains hugely popular. Vilebrequin is known for its wild prints, from turtles to dolphins and crabs. Their almost like the Hermes-tie equivalent to a swim short.
Orlebar Brown is known for its frescoes of scenes that take over the entire swim trunk. I love the poolside scene pictured on the trunks above and many of the other designs from this British brand take on a similar aesthetic.

Summer Wedding Guest Dress Guide

It’s that time of year where the wedding invites pile up and we inevitably go to our closets only to realize there’s nothing to wear. We have you covered with a range of fun, colorful and floral dresses that are perfect for the occasion.
I just ordered this frilly, floral-printed dress from Asosand really love the cut and pattern. It’s on sale for just $28.
I love this French Connection sequined dress for a summer black tie wedding. The cut is super sexy and sleek and the beading and sequins elevates it to black tie status. It’s on sale for $129.
I love that this Allegro Poppy dress from French Connection has a vintage vibe. The fabric and print feels slightly seventies. For those looking for more vintage style dresses, check out

This Erdem dress is a splurge at $895, but it’s super versatile and very flattering.
I live in Privacy Please come the summer because their dresses can literally be worn for any occasion, summer weddings included.

Fashionably Fit with Namastetics

I’ve noticed that increasingly, my girlfriends and I will opt for a fun workout class such as SoulCycle or Barry’s Bootcamp followed by brunch or dinner rather than going out for drinks. In a way, our generation has made working out our social activity of choice, but it also means the bar is raised on fitness fashion.

I recently came across Namastetics, a lifestyle brand that fully embraces this concept, and there’s been no turning back from it on days I have my workout “dates” of sorts.
The Canadian brand is highly functional and technical in terms of its design and fabrics, which is what we first and foremost look for in our gear. But, the designs are super edgy and sexy – think mesh cutouts, “ripped” leggings, and ballerina straps. These “Fearless” leggings pictured above are so on trend with mesh cutouts and retail for $42.95.
I own three pairs of Namastetics and I pretty much can’t go a workout class without three or four girls unprompted gushing over my leggings and asking me where I bought them. And, their price point is much more palatable than Lululemon and other competitors. Some of their leggings start at just $25. The “Midnight Ballet” leggings pictured above with fun tie detailing are also just $42.95.
We also adore these “Breathe Easy” leggings, with fun mesh paneling, $42.95.

Oh, there’s also a feel good component to buying Namastetics. They donate an hour of yoga to someone in need with every purchase!

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Decorating With This Season’s Hottest Trend: Succulents

I don’t think it would be too bold to coin 2017 the year of the succulent. From their presence in high-end boutiques to restaurants and even prints on designer clothing, succulents and cactuses are everywhere this year. I first became obsessed with succulents on a trip out to Palm Springs last year when I noticed how prominently all the places I visited used them in their décor. They really brighten up a room, have serious fashion credit and so many styling opportunities in terms of chic vases and other carriers. It was at that point that I decided to incorporate the trend on the East coast in my Manhattan apartment. It started with a few small cacti from Moorten’s cactus museum in Palm Springs on my ledge. Then, a friend turned me on to, which has been a game changer in terms of succulent décor.
For those unfamiliar with UrbanStems, it is an online flower delivery service with the most gorgeous blooms. You can find everything from your traditional rose bouquet to wedding flowers and… succulents in a dinosaur vase. Yes, you read that correctly. UrbanStems has a set of four different golden planters such as a T-Rex and Triceratops each with their own pretty succulent inside. When I discovered these planters I nearly lost it. They were exactly what my apartment needed and have since become one of the most admired pieces in my apartment and a true conversation starter when I have guests over. My friends have since copied me and bought dinos of their own. They also make a great gift, especially for a housewarming, and are priced at just $45.
For those looking for more traditional succulents, they also have other gorgeous planters, such as the Gibson ($55) which has a variety of succulents of all different textures and colors in a beautiful cement planter with a gold lip. The Huxley is also a great option and is packed with succulents in a wooden box.

Everything about UrbanStems is a luxury experience and seamless. The packaging the items comes in is beautiful and all of the plants arrived undamaged. The pricepoints make them perfect for gifting or for pretty inexpensively getting in on the succulent trend in your own home.

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Travel Guide: The Best Beach Clubs in Mykonos

For those who haven’t been, Mykonos is considered the party island of Greece. And it is home to some of the most amazing beach clubs. Think gorgeous people, DJs playing beachy tunes and cabanas to take the sun and drink champagne in. The morning hours are very chill, then comes 4 p.m. and the music turns up, people start dancing and champagne corks sound all the way until 9 p.m. when the sun finally sets.

There are so many beach clubs in Mykonos that picking the right ones is key. You don’t want to end up at one of the fratty, college ones. Check out our must-visit guide to beach clubs in Mykonos below.



Scorpios is one of the newest beach club additions in Mykonos and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s got a distinctly Burning Man on the Mediterranean vibe. Think monochromatic shades of tan and sand, wooden cabanas, body painting, hammocks, fire circles and other-worldly slow beats with live drummers, etc.


Scorpios attracts the “it” crowd. Models, athletes, leggy Europeans, etc. During the day, you can rent a cabana by the beach. It is also the most spectacular place to watch the sun set. We wound up at Scorpios three of our four days in Mykonos, if that’s any indication of what it’s like. At sundown, the percussions pick up, but the vibe is still very mellow as people dance to tribal beats while watching the sun set under strung edison lights.

The dress code: hot bikinis and lacy coverups. Tie-up sandals also encouraged. Feather headbands? Do it.



Where do I start with Nammos? It was hands down our favorite day in Mykonos and the best party we went to (from what we remember). It may be because our early lunch at Nammos consisted of two glasses each of vodka on the rocks with Greek Salads. We then went shopping at Luisa, Nammos’s store which is stocked with amazing Missoni bathing suits, Eugenia Kim hats and Karen Walker sunglasses. The day got even better when we decided to order a bottle of vodka just for the two of us. So, by the time the party kicked off at 4, you can probably imagine the state we were in.

Nammos attracts a really affluent crowd. There’s a 120,000 pound bottle of Armand De Brigand Brut Gold on their menu, after all. It is also a celebrity hot spot. Once the beats picked up, out came a surprise bottle of Veueve Cliquot for us. That went down quickly as we danced to club music and swam in the ocean. We then wound up at a table that had approximately 16 bottles of rosé for us to drink while we danced and smoked turkish cigarettes and cigars. Next thing we knew, the sun was setting over the ocean.

Parts of Nammos are a blur, but a really, really fabulous one. We’re already talking about going back to Mykonos next summer and recreating this day. I may have lost a really expensive pair of sunglasses, and my friend may have lost her feather headband, but those are small prices to pay for the amount of fun we had. I’d put it high on the list of beach clubs to visit.



Panormos is a beautiful beach club overlooking Panoramas Bay. The decor is impeccable: Wooden beach loungers, a gorgeous restaurant (pictured above) with views of the turquoise bay, a great shop. and good vibes.

Visually, we thought Panormos was the prettiest of the beach clubs we visited and we liked the chill vibe during the day. There are lots of people in their late twenties and thirties ordering bottles of  rosé and champagne. We loved that it had a very Grecian feel to it — the champagne, for instance, was served in a brass boat surrounded by bunches of grapes and strawberries. There is a DJ and a saxophonist playing to the beats.

Like Nammos, the energy picks up around 4 p.m., unless it is one of the days that they have a night party. In that case it will close around 6 so that they can set up. The restaurant requires reservations, so keep that in mind, as do the beach loungers. Don’t try just rocking up and getting a chair — it’s a bit of a process, so reserve in advance.

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Let me upgrade you: running shoe edition

I’ve upped my running game in the last few months and as a result, I developed a nasty case of runner’s knee, which I’ve chronicled here on the blog. The pain was super intense and sidelined my running for a while. After visiting one of Manhattan’s top sports surgeons, I learned that my footwear plus a lack of stretching was the likely culprit.

My sneakers were Nike cross trainers and about a year old, which didn’t seem unfit for me. But, once I upgraded to actual running shoes, I saw a world a difference. After doing extensive research (like REALLY extensive research where I interviewed all my friends who run marathons, read every article on the internet, etc.) I decided to order two pairs of running shoes to wear during my workouts. Below is my write up of each, and let me just say they have been God sends. Can’t recommend them both enough (Sorry, Nike!).

Brooks Glycerin 14: First off, Brooks came highly recommended by all my runner friends and the brand specializes in running, which meant it was a natural place for me to start on my expedition for the perfect and most supportive running shoe. When the Glycerins arrived, I was super impressed by how pretty they are. I opted for the pattern shown above, but this shoe comes in an array of color combinations, meaning there is something for everyone. I liked that fashion wasn’t an afterthought for the brand, even though they are known for being so technical.

When I put the shoe on, there was an immediate difference in how they felt on my foot compared to my old Nikes. The padding and buoyancy under my toes was so noticeable that I couldn’t believe I had deigned to put my foot in a cross trainer when this had been an option the whole time. Once I got on the treadmill, my gait had completely changed and it felt like the shoe was absorbing the impact of my running rather than my ankles and knees. The effect is that you feel like you are running on air, not a hard treadmill. I’ve been using this pair when I take breaks at work, so I keep them at my office, and running in them is such a treat. I haven’t had any flare ups of runner’s knee, which is a testament to the build of the shoe. Total keepers that I would highly recommend. They cost $120 and can be purchased here.
Newton Gravity 6: Newton was not a brand I was familiar with, but it’s very well known in the running world I soon learned after setting out on my research. The company is called Newton Running, and I learned through this experiment that if you’re going to run, you should stick with a sneaker maker who makes running its sole purpose (no pun intended). Like the Brooks, this shoe had uber cushioning that made you feel like you are walking and running on air. I’ve come to learn that this is extremely important in preventing the range of ailments you can get from running without proper support. There’s a reason that this shoe became the company’s top-selling model since it launched.

When I put the shoe on and started my runs, both on the treadmill and outside, I almost felt like I was bouncing off of the floor because of the “POP1” platform built into the sole. Seriously, it’s a game changer. I found myself running longer runs and having no discomfort in either knee. I also love that the sneaker is made of a breathable mesh that keeps your feet from sweating. Overall, the sneaker is majorly supportive, comfortable and fashionable. Would also highly recommend to friends and readers. Newton Gravity 6’s retail for $175.

What We’re Loving: Corseted Belts

We like big belts and we cannot lie. These waist-cinching accessories are becoming a focal point of outfits across the globe, starting with fashion week. On a recent trip to Barney’s, they were all over the department store, and I’ve been slowly incorporating them into my warndrobe. Here are some of our favorites.
I saw this Alaia laser-cut belt on display at Barney’s and literally have not been able ot get it out of my head. It’s equal parts dainty and feminine and I need it on my waist. It’s $1,640, but fab. Also comes in black.
This bow belt from Zara creates the perfect hourglass and is easy on the wallet at $25.90
This Roxy waist belt comes in black and tan and has a bit of an equestrian feel. $114
No need to splurge to get a taste of this trend. This number from Asos runs less than $50.

Our Newest Obsession: Face Masks

I can’t pinpoint exactly when face masks became a “thing” but for the past year or so, my friends and I have become obsessed with the beauty trend. From Korean sheet masks to hydrating and repair masks and eye patches, my beauty cabinet has become overrun by face masks and it’s one of my favorite go-to beauty pick-me-ups. My girlfriends and I have even reserved one night a month where we bring over facemasks, order in sushi, drink wine and catch up on chic flix. (And maybe this is a sign of our age, but we look forward to this night of rejuvenating more than our fancy dinners and nights out)

Given that we’ve become connoisseurs of sorts, I wanted to share the face masks that I use that are in heavy rotation as part of my beauty routine.

MaskerAide: What initially appealed to me about MaskerAide was the fun and vibrant packaging, which is colorful and has cartoons of girls who look like us indulging in their products. Then I tried their range of sheet masks and hydrating eye gels and am super impressed. Not only are they extremely affordable – their sheet masks are less than $7 – they smell great, leave you hydrated and refreshed. I’ve started taking MaskerAide with me on trips and as strange as this sounds (my gfs were appalled when I told them I do this, but they all have since copied me) I wear a sheet mask during flights because airplanes really dry my skin out. I bring one for the flight there and one for the flight back, which is even worse because I’m usually dehydrated from a weekend of rose, and this seems to do the trick. Their eye ges are also great for brightening and firming up the sensitive under-eye area.
Starskin: What immediately attracted me to cult beauty brand Starskin were their sculpting and plumping face masks, which have the appearance of being a lace mask. Honestly, I’d wear it to a costume party if I could. Their range is expansive, and also addresses concerns such as anti-aging, smoothing, illumination, detoxifying and a whole cast of issues we worry about after a certain age. I love the packaging and the silky feel of the masks and it truly feels like a luxury product. Masks start at $10 and go up to around $28.50.
Decorte Slim & Firm Concentrate: Decorte face masks are a splurge – a set of six masks runs $180 – but they are my go-to before a big event such as a wedding, speaking gig, etc. The masks are two parts – an upper mask and lower mask and I feel automatically rejuvenated after wearing it. It’s my favorite mask during the holiday season when I may have been overserved or had too much processed foods and sugars because I feel like it plumps up my face and gets me back to a presentable form of myself. Also, Kate Moss is their spokesmodel, so that’s good in our book.

Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons

We are living for Louis Vuitton’s newest collaboration with artist Jeff Koons, dubbed “The Masters“. The collection is decidedly high brow. Koons samples from some of the great classic artists to have ever lived, emblazoning some of their most iconic painting across Louis Vuitton’s canvases. The artists include Fragonard (pictured), Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Rubens and Titian. We love how the Old Masters are remixed and given new life by the collection. The prints are bold, and not for everyone, but they are near the top of our wish list right now.

Travel Guide: Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel

We were very fortunate to spend two nights at one of Ireland’s most famous, and luxe, hotels this March: The Shelbourne. Situated in the middle of City Center, The Shelbourne is walking distance to nearly everything you’d want to visit in Dublin.

Everything about the Shelbourne indicates luxury and a five-star stay, but we also really loved how they seamlessly incorporated the history of the building with modern luxuries and conveniences. Once you walk into the hotel you immediately pick up on its vibe and point of view. Stunning crystal chandeliers hang from the ceilings and there are ample fireplaces throughout the lobby, creating cozy little nooks for guests. One of our favorite things to do was to get a glass of wine and sip it by one of the cozy fireplaces pretending to be ladies of leisure.
FullSizeRender 2
They keep a small museum in the lobby celebrating the hotel’s storied 200-year-old history. (It was opened in 1824). It’s where the Irish Constitution was drafted in 1922 and the hotel also has historic guest registers on display, photos and letters from famous guests. Fun fact: Both John F. Kennedy and Princess Grace have stayed at the hotel, meaning you’ll be able to have a stay fit for royalty.

At reception, we were greeted with a fresh glass of lemonade and then were shown to our room. Our bathroom was stocked with luxury Elemis bath products and had a full shower and a free-standing bath. The hotel stocks the bathroom with bath salts if you want to soak, which is a nice touch.
FullSizeRender 3
Our room was gigantic. Not even just gigantic for a Manhattanite (I could probably fit four of my apartments inside our room), but objectively large. The bed had fine linens and the comfiest mattress and pillows you could ask for. I absolutely sunk into it after a long day and night exploring the city and its pubs and it made it all the more harder to get out of bed in the morning.

We secretly loved that every person we met in Dublin would give us a knowing look after they asked where we were staying and we responded in unison, “The Shelbourne.” I can’t tell you how many times local Irish men were impressed with our choice of hotel, and usually responded with something along the lines of “Of course you two are staying at the nicest hotel in Dublin.”

We loved the location and rarely took taxis anywhere. On average, we racked up 8 miles a day in walking to all of the museums, monuments, churches etc. Just a few blocks away is Grafton Street, which is home to Dublin’s best shopping.

FullSizeRender 2
Across the street from the hotel is St. Stephen’s Green, a beautiful park that we went on daily morning runs in. For those who prefer other forms of exercise, The Shelbourne has a wonderful gym and swimming pool and also offers workout classes such as spinning, tabata and pilates. There are also swim-focused classes if you prefer to be in the water.
Their bar room was one of the prettiest bars I’ve ever been in. High ceilings with chandeliers that looked like they were dripping diamonds are throughout. The most intricate crown molding lines the walls and there are cozy fireplaces. We made it a habit to have a glass of wine here each night before heading out.

One of the activities we did at The Shelbourne that we would highly recommend, even if you end up staying elsewhere, is their Afternoon Tea. Shelbourne is considered to have one of the best Afternoon Teas in Dublin. They host it in their Lord Mayor’s Lounge, which has comfy oversized upholstered chairs and large windows letting in the sunshine. For two hours you have a choice of unlimited teas (our favorite was the strawberry and cream blend) and you have savory tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam and an array of the most beautiful desserts (raspberry macaroons stuffed with jam and cheesecake or salted caramel mousse, anyone?)

They have a number of seatings, but this is what we recommend. Book the 3:00 seating, sightsee all morning, skip lunch and have tea instead. Better yet, pair it with their champagne or a few glasses of wine, like we did. Be sure to book this well in advance if it’s something you’re interested in experiencing as it does fill up weeks in advance.
Shelbourne’s breakfast was such a highlight each morning. They host it in their Saddle Room and it includes a hot and cold buffet where you can find all the items to make a traditional Irish breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage, blood pudding, mushroom, tomatoes), a selection of fruits and yogurts and pastries, etc. They also have a menu you can order omelettes, eggs benedict, French toast and other breakfasts from and a range of delicious juices. We started each day with a healthy breakfast to fuel us up for hours of walking around Dublin and hitting up all of the museums. We also loved that they had a full juice bar offering.

For those looking for a little pampering, The Shelbourne has a beautiful spa and a new salon where you can get blowouts before a night out. The spa offers everything from couple’s massages to waxing and facials. The salon was super chic and soothing. All white with a beautiful embellished fireplace and classic feel. Their blowout menu features styles that emulate Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Jackie O, among others.

The staff at the hotel are super friendly and attentive. Whether it came to making sure our tea was always immediately topped off or turn down service each night complete with chocolates bedside and slippers laid out, it was truly five star.

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