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Product Launch: Metallic Succulent Pots

A copper, metallic succulent pot from our new line

A copper, metallic succulent pot from our new line

Today, I have some exciting news about a project we’ve been working on at BellaVitaStyle that I can’t wait to share with you all! We just launched our first homewear item: Gold and Copper Succulent Pots!

Ever since coming back from a trip to Palm Springs and Moorten’s Cactus museum, I’ve had an insatiable affinity for succulents. I remember buying a few adorable succulents from Moorten’s as a memento to remember my trip by only to come home and be distinctly underwhelmed by the selection of pots to display my new succulents in.

I searched far and wide for a chic pot that fit into my home’s aesthetic. I was explicitly looking for metallic gold and copper pots to add nice accents to my windowsill and to go alongside my copper kitchenware and gold frames. Finally sick of looking for the perfect pots, I mention my travails to my boyfriend, and his very matter of fact response was “Let’s just make them ourselves.” Cue the launch of our gold and copper succulent pots that are equal parts chic and on trend and fully functional.

Our metallic, gold succulent pot, now available for order

Our metallic, gold succulent pot, now available for order

We have two styles to choose from, both available on Amazon: metallic gold and metallic copper/rose gold (which is pictured at the top of the post). I have them around my apartment in a mix and match set up, which really elevates the look of the space. One of the biggest trends in decor over the last few years has been copper and metallics. We saw this with the advent of copper kitchens full of beautiful pots and pans.

Our cold and copper succulent pots, ready for order.

Our pots are a perfect size — 4 inches by 4 inches — and cylindrical in shape. You can choose to put one cactus in it, or put three to four succulents together in an arrangement, like we did in the photos above. They have a great weight to them and are really sturdy. They retail for $22 each.

We know you’re going to love our pots as much as we do. To buy Gold, click here. For Rose gold/Copper, click here.

Decorating With This Season’s Hottest Trend: Succulents

I don’t think it would be too bold to coin 2017 the year of the succulent. From their presence in high-end boutiques to restaurants and even prints on designer clothing, succulents and cactuses are everywhere this year. I first became obsessed with succulents on a trip out to Palm Springs last year when I noticed how prominently all the places I visited used them in their décor. They really brighten up a room, have serious fashion credit and so many styling opportunities in terms of chic vases and other carriers. It was at that point that I decided to incorporate the trend on the East coast in my Manhattan apartment. It started with a few small cacti from Moorten’s cactus museum in Palm Springs on my ledge. Then, a friend turned me on to, which has been a game changer in terms of succulent décor.
For those unfamiliar with UrbanStems, it is an online flower delivery service with the most gorgeous blooms. You can find everything from your traditional rose bouquet to wedding flowers and… succulents in a dinosaur vase. Yes, you read that correctly. UrbanStems has a set of four different golden planters such as a T-Rex and Triceratops each with their own pretty succulent inside. When I discovered these planters I nearly lost it. They were exactly what my apartment needed and have since become one of the most admired pieces in my apartment and a true conversation starter when I have guests over. My friends have since copied me and bought dinos of their own. They also make a great gift, especially for a housewarming, and are priced at just $45.
For those looking for more traditional succulents, they also have other gorgeous planters, such as the Gibson ($55) which has a variety of succulents of all different textures and colors in a beautiful cement planter with a gold lip. The Huxley is also a great option and is packed with succulents in a wooden box.

Everything about UrbanStems is a luxury experience and seamless. The packaging the items comes in is beautiful and all of the plants arrived undamaged. The pricepoints make them perfect for gifting or for pretty inexpensively getting in on the succulent trend in your own home.

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Gift Guide: For The Entertainer

If you have a friend who is like me, who lives for cooking for large crowds and presenting cheese on pretty cheese boards and making my couch cozy for company, this gift guide is for you. Here are our favorite picks for the design geeks and entertainers.


We have been entranced by Gray Malin’s photography for quite some time, as it evokes memories of summers on the Mediterranean and carefree beach vibes. I can think of having nothing better on my walls, so one of our picks is a Gray Malin print or set of prints, which start at under $200, and give you a piece of the beach year round.


There are fewer things more lush and effective as a gorgeous alpaca pillow. This Aviva Stanoff pillow is made of longhaired alpaca and is super soft and cozy. The pillows are show stoppers, and give you the right feel of rustic and luxurious Alps vacation. They derive from the Andean Mountains and are cruelty free. The backs are made of suede and come in an array of colors, such as ivory, gray, silver, cream, charcoal, etc. They also come in a number of sizes and start at just $75.


I drank out of one of these W&P Design pineapple tumblers at a bar, and have been obsessed with them ever since. They make a great gift and look awesome on a bar cart. They are $35 each.


As wine is the focal point of most parties, and most nights in, we love this beautiful and functional tabletop corkscrew from RBT, $149.


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Best of Home: Ziporah Lifestyle Towels

One of the home luxuries I delight in most are bath towels. Think about it, we use them on a daily basis and they are often visible throughout the home. That’s why it’s important to have a balance of great quality, much like we treat our bed sheets that we use daily, as well as beautiful design. Cue Ziporah Lifestyle, which delivers on every level.

Ziporah towels are known for their vibrant, geometric designs and have a metallic touch to them which was inspired by the ancient Roman Gods. The towels have a sparkling Lurex thread that is truly radiant, adding a glimmer of gold or silver to the towel.
Their bathroom sets are perfect for home, or your beach house, and would seriously fit right in at a weekend in the Hamptons. The towel sets come in four patterns: Acer, which incorporates bright pinks and berries and oranges; Fidelis, which has purples, plums, grey and golds; Serenus, a blend of blues, turquoises and greens; and Tenera, which has pastel purples, blues and golds. The towels are super plush and soft, while remaining absorbent.

Bathroom sets are a great buy. They come with two bath towels and two hand towels for $262. They also have wonderful geometric bath rugs that perfectly complement the towel sets. The line is carried at Neiman Marcus and Horchow, or you can shop directly through Ziporah’s website.

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Best of Home: Ovando Candles

There’s nothing I love more than coming home after a long day, opening a nice bottle of wine and lighting some candles. My candle of choice these days has been Ovando.

The candles come in a range of scents (our favorite is the Vernissage scent which mixes chilled mint and bergamot) and the sleek design plus the whimsical scents always attract the attention of my guests when I have visitors.

We love that the candles are formulated by a New York-based florist, renowned for her beautiful arrangements who clearly has an avid knowledge for flowers. The candles cost $60 each and are also available at Barneys New York.

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Best of Home: Simple Human

I’m one of those people who seeks beauty and harmony in everything in my home, from the obvious pieces like furniture to the more functional and mundane pieces. Cue Simple Human, which brings a beautiful design aesthetic to items such as garbage bins, all while keeping their products super functional and user-friendly.
When I moved into my new home, I knew I wanted a Simple Human trash can. Their stainless steel finish is fingerproof-resistant and their rectangular trash can feels like the iPhone of trash cans. I’ll explain – Simple Human has taken into account lots of little pain points you encounter with traditional trash cans and eliminated them. A pocket on the inside of the can stores garbage bags and makes for quick changing. The design of the can also keeps any garbage liner edges from showing, which is amazing.

The pail opens and closes through a foot pedal, and when it shuts, it slowly lowers and makes no noise. The 55 liter can retails for $180.
Simple Human makes a range of products, from soap dispensers to dish racks and paper towel holders. The other product that we can’t believe we lived so long without is their Sensor Mirror. These magnifying mirrors are perfect for applying makeup and other daily tasks. We love this feature that the rechargeable mirror automatically lights up when you move near it to use it. The LED lights in the mirror simulate natural sunlight. It also shuts off on its own. The mirror is fully adjustable so that you can angle it in whichever which way you need. Oh, and unlike your iPhone, the mirror’s charge lasts 5 weeks. The 8 inch model is $200.

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Best of Home: Rust Designs

We are super excited to introduce a new series for the month of August where we introduce our favorite home items. Each post will be products we personally use in our own homes, and have vetted ourselves. We’ll touch on everything from bed linens to wine glasses and decor. If you’d like to be a part of this series, email for consideration.
We kick off the series with Rust Designs. For those unfamiliar with the brand from Jennifer Rust, this shop has the most divine custom tableware with truly inspired prints.

We have the “Love Bird” dinner plates, which also comes with a fuller set, and have been receiving compliments on the plates ever since. Extra bonus — all of the plates can be personalized, meaning they make the perfect gift as well for a housewarming or wedding.

The Love Bird design comes in a chocolate brown or cobalt blue and sell for $55 each.
We also love these Birch Dessert Plates, $78 for a set of four.

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Updated Classic: Gold Flatware

we live in a generation where fancy China seem old-fashioned and couples co-habitate before marriage, so some of the traditions around formal dining seem a bit.. aged. But, some sleek design changes and adaptations of older classics have created more practical pieces that can be used everyday or on special occasions. Our favorite example of this is gold flatware. The sets can get a bit expensive, but they’re worth the investment. Trust us on this. Here are a few of our favorite gold flatware sets with an updated twist.
This West Elm Gold Flatware set is the one that I own, and right now it’s on sale for a set of four for $112! The sleek design was striking to me and it doesn’t feel at all out of date.
Design Within Reach has this great Almoco collection that comes in four different shades, including this gold shade. We also love the copper shade.
This Gorham Argento 5-piece set is pricy at $120 a setting, but beautiful.

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Adding a Female Touch to an Apartment

When I first moved in with my boyfriend, it was I moving into his place and let’s just say that the décor had much to be desired. It looks like an advertisement for Ikea, he had virtually nothing hanging on the walls, and it felt like an empty, sterile apartment, not a home.

As I moved in, I started to slightly fix things up. I added a vase of flowers here, some wall art there, and it began to feel like home. Earlier this year we got our first apartment together and the transformation continued.

Today, I’m sharing with you a few of the key apartment pieces that will go a long way in making an apartment feel more homey and sophisticated.

One of the things that irked me the most about the living room were these white, wooden side tables he had on both sides of the couch. Instead, I opted for these Terrace Side Tables from West Elm for $249 each. The gold trim really worked in our space, and the terrace means that you can make it a place to showcase books, vases, objects of art, lamps and other touches.

These West Elm golden picture frames totally transformed our living room and created a nice gallery wall to display our travels.

Fresh flowers have become a must in the apartment and bring a nice pop of color to the living room. I recently ordered this Owl vase from Lulu & Georgia for $40.

Our apartment has a bit of a gold-accent theme, so we opted for a vintage-inspired gold trimmed bar cart from One Kings Lane for $499.

Lastly, pick up easy but feminine accents — like fashion coffee table books, Fornasetti candles, items from your travels, a quilted headboard, and voila — frat pad be gone.

Gift Guide: The Hostess


One of my favorite gifts to give and receive deals with entertaining. The older I get, the more I love to upgrade items in my apartment and have friends and family over for meals and parties. This gift guide will be dedicated to the women in our lives who love nothing more than sending out paper invites, creating a signature cocktail and hosting soirees.

On a recent trip to California, I came across Kelly Wearstler’s home products and I was instantly hooked. I encourage you to take a look at the whole range, which is very feminine with touches of vintage and edgy metals. The items that I loved the most are her wine stoppers, especially the two shown in the photo. The faceted wine stopper goes for $175 and the Bejeweled spear wine stopper is $195.

Trivets can be so boring. That’s why we love Anthropologie’s take on the traditional trivet. This Agate slice is sure to catch the eyes of your guests. It’s $198.

I’ve become a big fan of mismatched tea cups and saucers. There’s something special about serving your guests from dainty china rather than generic coffee cups. J. Crew recently started carrying Seletti Zora’s line and we can’t get enough of it. The tea cup and saucer is $46.50.

We’ve written before how smitten we are with Fornasetti’s candles and they truly are the perfect gift for a host.

What’s on this entertainer’s gift list? Thomas Fuchs’s marble skull head cheese board, pictured above. I love how edgy it is but pretty at the same time. It’s $358.

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