For Girls on the Go: Provenance Meals

One of the struggles I constantly face is how to do it all. Between working long hours, having events and functions at night and trying to work out almost daily, finding the time to cook a healthy meal is a bit of a pipe dream. But, for ladies in New York, there’s a solution that will satiate on all levels.

I recently came across Provenance Meals, which is a meal-delivery service based in Brooklyn that cooks delicious home-cooked, gluten-free, healthy meals and delivers them to your door. I recently tried Provenance out and was blown away by the quality of the food, how delicious it was and how easy the process was. Added bonus: they work with local farmers, so food is fresh and locally-sourced.

Here’s how it works: you go to their website and can pick from a la carte meal options that range from paleo cranberry muffins for breakfast to steamed monkfish with ginger and garlic for dinner, or you can order their Chef’s Meals box which is a bundle that comes with four entrees, two soups or salads and two breakfasts or snacks for $149.

Every week the menu changes and you can order a delivery for Monday or Wednesday to reheat on your own time. I love the packaging the food arrives in, which comes with an icepack to keep everything fresh.
This past week I tried out a few meals. For breakfast, I had the paleo cranberry muffins and was so pleased with them. They were filling and tasty, but the paleo recipe meant I didn’t have to fret about excess carbs.
For lunch, I had their kale ceasar salad that used nuts instead of croutons, for a rich flavor that was also a nice bit of texture.

For dinner I tried out the beed bourguignon, which was packed with flavor. Their beef is grass-fed and pasture-raised, resulting in a wonderfully tender meal.

For those looking to kickstart their diet, they also offer a detox option. Overall, this is a service I could happily recommend. Perfect for nights when there just isn’t time to cook, and it takes the guilt out of the normal seamless order which could be loaded with carbs, sodium and sugar.

Six Must-Haves For 30 Year Olds

Turning 30 is a milestone in so many ways. You no longer have the carefree nature of a 20-something finding her way and you start to make serious money, allowing you to upgrade your lifestyle. When I turned 30, I turned my attention to some classic items and goals that I wanted to improve. Everything from my bedding to my travel style. Here is my list of my top must-haves for women in their 30s (but of course, it’s never too early or late to get started!)
Luxurious bedding: I moved into a new apartment around the time I turned 30 and I knew that I wanted to style it perfectly. That meant ditching the jersey cotton sheets I had and investing in Egyptian cotton sheets with high thread counts. I opted for Italian brand Sferra, which is known for their fine bedding, towels and home décor. The sheet set I bought is super soft and plush, but is definitely an investment piece.
A killer pair of heels: Mine are black Louboutins that can easily make the transition from a work meeting to a night out, but any high-end heel will do. Opt for a timeless look and a versatile heel height so that you can get lots of use out of them.
Luggage: Thirties are a decade of traveling the world and crossing far-flung cities off your bucket list. You’ll want to pack accordingly, starting with your luggage. I got an awesome Tumi suitcase from a Gilt sale and couldn’t be happier. Yes, it’s costlier than other brands, but it’s held up really great and has an awesome warranty, and if you’re a smart shopper you can get a great deal.

And while we’re on the theme of travel, an intangible item for your thirties is stamps on your passport. The last few years, we’ve criss-crossed around Europe, lounging on the beaches of St Tropez, drinking brunettes with locals in Italy and visiting fashion exhibits in London. There’s no price to be put on travel, and in your thirties, that means splurging on 5-star hotels and traveling in style. Next up for us: Peru!

An investment purse: My go-to is a quilted Chanel classic flap bag that I’ve eyed since I was 16. Should have bought it then because it would have been a hell of a lot cheaper. Investment bags appreciate in cost over time and they are the absolute best accessory with any outfit. I wear mine pretty much everywhere. We also love these bags.
A skincare regime: By your thirties, chances are you’ve tried tons of moisturizers, eye care products and the like. You’ve also moved on from boozy nights where hopping into bed without washing your face is something you’re trying to repair now. Not to mention years of being less than kind to your skin by wearing tanning oil. My skin is one area that I am super focused on since turning 30 in order to repair and prevent imperfections. I’ve learned that no product is too costly when it comes to your skin. Every person’s skin is different, so finding the right products is not a one-size-fits all sort of solution. I’ve learned that I don’t love skincare sets, rather I prefer to mix and match. My go-tos: I use a gentle face cleanser with my Clarisonic on a daily basis. Next, I move on to moisturizer and I love my Shisheido Moisture Ex in the mornings paired with a mild undereye cream with caffeine in it. At night, I alternate between a retinol-based underye cream which is great for wrinkles and crows feet. I also use Retin-A on my forehead followed by a thicker moisturizer while I sleep. Do these products add up in cost? You bet. But at least to me, it’s worth it.

FabFitFun Winter Box

We’ve written in the past about how FabFitFun quickly became our favorite subscription service. Well, their Winter box did not let us down. I recently came home from a trip to Aspen and found my box waiting for me. It was late at night and I was tired from traveling, but I couldn’t wait until the next morning to tear into it.

This box was even better than the first. It contained ear buds from Frendz,Fingerless gloves that are PERFECT for texting, and EJH diffuser, a travel set from Dermalogica, an adorable wine cork and wine charm set, Juara body cream, Zoya nail polish and several gift certificates. I have to say that I’ve pretty much been using everything from the box on an almost daily basis.

Want to get in on the fun? FabFitFun delivers a box of goodies four times a year and you receive full-sized products. What I like is that the boxes are a mix of products geared toward people into fitness and beauty and everything in between. They cost $49.99 each, or if you order all four upfront, the cost is $179.99.

Best Workout Gear for your Resolutions

You’re probably like many of us who have vowed to get in better shape for the new year. Well, a little retail therapy can go a long way to achieving your fitness goals. It’s statistically proven that cute workout outfits will force you to work out more (OK, maybe it isn’t proven, but it makes sense.) Here are some of the outfits we’ll be rocking to the gym and Soul Cycle in 2016.
I love these Koral Lustrous leggings because they are perfect to transition from a workout class to brunch with the girls. They have the appearance of leather leggings and cost $92.
These cutouts and mesh are a standout on these Alala ankle tights, $120.
Pair these Alo moto leggings with a leather moto jacket and you’re good to go after the gym.
Workout tank from Splits59 is $89. The cut is flattering and keeps to the metallic theme.
How great is this zip-up bra from Carbon38? $98.
We also love the back on this Onzie bra, $48.

New Years Eve-Worthy Outfits

It’s nearly time to ring the new year in, and we wouldn’t dare let you do so in a less-than-fab outfit. Here are some of our favorite looks, across price points.
I absolutely adore this Starstruck dress from Nookie, $249.
This Asos midi dress is $153.
Love the plunging neckline on this Asos dress, which is just $104.
This Raga dress is $283.
You can’t go wrong with a little sequined dress. This Frock and Frill dress is $242.

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